Tarifold employees donate work hours to support scientific research

Saturday, 4th October 2014, Tarifold organized an open charity day for the renowned French Institute Pasteur.

The Alsatian SME welcomed almost 300 persons who had the opportunity to visit the factory but also support the company’s Sustainable Development policy. The presence of several external exhibitors involved in sustainable development contributed to the success and good atmosphere of this charity day.


An enduring commitment with Pasteurdon
For the sixth year now, Tarifold is sponsoring the french Pasteur Institute who created the Pasteurdon, a fundraising event for scientific research. Indeed, Tarifold’s major part of its sustainable development policy consists in supporting a research project on autism directed by Prof. Thomas Bourgeron, one of the leading researchers of the French scientific organization. During this day, Tarifold collected around 3000 € for the Pasteurdon: every worked hour of all employees and all benefits of the event were integrally donated to Institute Pasteur!


Exhibitors in line with Company policy
Visitors could also take a look at Tarifold’s “Export” trophy awarded by the Regional Council of Alsace in 2014. Representatives of Institute Pasteur were obviously present but other “sustainable partners” like the car-sharing company CITIZ, the Alsatian beekeeping society, and VOGELE passive houses were also present.


For further information about Pasteurdon : http://pasteurdon.pasteur.fr/


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