Welcome VEO in the augmented reality world!

Tarifold, the leading brand of presentation systems and signage products is proud to introduce a whole new interactive experience: the VEO augmented reality app.

The augmented reality technology made his first appearance with the emergence of smartphones and tablets. It allows inserting realistic and real-time virtual objects in their own environment with a marker (printed image) visualized through a smartphone or tablet.

Tarifold has developed an augmented reality application that will allow you to discover the VEO display system, its quick and easy assembly, and especially the possibility to view and flip through it virtually on your desktop, at the countertop, at home … etc.

You just need to download the VEO 3D Experience app from the App Store or Google Play. The download takes only a few minutes and the use of the app is very simple and intuitive.

Experience the magic of VEO building up on your desktop by pointing your device towards the printed marker! (which can be downloaded from the tarifold website).

Retailers and distributors listen up! the VEO augmented reality app is a great promotional tool as it can be inserted as an ad in catalogues,flyers and brochures, or as a download on your web page.

For further information or to download the markers go to www.tarifold.com/veo3d